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2010 Agenda

Chip Seals & Scrub Seals Using PMRAE
Bob McCrea, P.E. – Western Emulsion, Inc.

Quality Chip Seal, Slurry Seal & Microsurfacing Applications
Scott Dmytrow – Telfer Oil Company & Joe Peterson – CALTRANS District 3 Materials Engineer

Modified Binder Chip Seals
Elie Y. Hajj,Ph.D. – University Nevada Reno

Life Cycle Cost Benefits of Pavement Preservation
John Harvey – UCPRC

Cost Benefits of Pavement Preservation
R. Gary Hicks – Program Manager, CP2 Center

Pavement Management Systems
Imelda Diaz, P.E.

Cape Seals – Cost Effective Maintenance Strategy
Jack Van Kirk – Basic Resources, Inc.

Conventional Chip Seals
Jason Lampley

Cost Effectiveness of Preventative Maintenance
Jeff Smith

Asphalt Emulsions
Joe Platt – Western Emulsion, Inc.

Fog/Rejuvenating Seals
John Fox – California DOT

Slurry Seals, Micro Surfacing and REAS
Michael O’Leary – MWV Asphalt Innovations

Removal and Replacement of Pavement Markings
Reger Weisbrod and Paul Anderson – Chrisp Company

PPTG – Concept and Accomplishments
Larry Rouen