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2011 Agenda

Keynote Address
Steve Takigawa – Caltrans Deputy Director

General Surface Preparation
Mike Fain – Windsor Fuel Company

Traffic Control
Bill Peterson – Statewide Traffic Safety and Signs

Eco-Friendly Chip/Slurry and Microsurfacing
Arlis Kadrmas, BASF

Rock Basics
Ben Licari- Graniterock

Emulsion Basics
Gary Houston – VSS Emultech

Hot Applied Chip Seals
John Fox – Caltrans District 9

Multi-Layer Surface Seals
Jack Van Kirk – Basic Resources, Inc.

Chip, Slurry and Micro – A Contractor Perspective
Marc Bertsch – Intermountain Slurry Seal

Slurry Seals and Microsurfacing
Imelda Diaz – Los Angeles County

Funding in Tuff Economic Times
Phil Demery – Nace President and Sonoma County DPW

Fog Seals
Jim Brownridge – Tricor Refining

Inspection and Testing
Steve Marvin – Labelle Marvin

Training Tools
Don Barret (Jim Ryan) – Graniterock (Paramount)