WHEREAS, the California Chip Seal Association was formed in nineteen hundred eighty seven and is dedicated to pavement preservation treatments and innovative products for our customers at City, County and State levels; and

WHEREAS, Gordon Rayner has dedicated over forty years of his life to companies and inventions that mirror those same ideals of preservation and innovation; and

WHEREAS, Gordon Rayner’s vision, commitment and persistence were key elements during the formation and development of the California Chip Seal Association; and

WHEREAS, Gordon Rayner has continued to serve this Association, and thereby this industry, for over 25 years by selflessly dedicating time and resources to the Association for the good of public agencies and private companies alike;

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the California Chip Seal Association recognizes and acknowledges these exemplary efforts and expresses its deepest appreciation and sincerest thanks to Gordon Rayner for his service to our industry and organization; and

MAY IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that as of this 9th Day of February, Two-Thousand Twelve, Gordon Rayner is hereby granted an Individual Lifetime Membership in the California Chip Seal Association.