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2013 Agenda

Federal Perspective on Pavement Preservation
Jim Moulthrop – Executive Director for the Foundation for Pavement Preservation

Prep Work including Crack Filling and Patching
Roger Smith, Chico State Pavement Preservation Center (CP2)

Fog Seals
John Fox, Caltrans District 9

Chip Seals in Chula Vista
Elizabeth Chopp – City of Chula Vista

Doug Ford – Pavement Coatings

Quality Control
Steve Marvin – Labelle- Marvin

Cold In-Place Recycling
Chuck Valentine – Western Pavement Solutions

Full Depth Reclamation
Marco Estrada – Pavement Recycling Systems

Bonded Wearing Course

Scott Dmytrow – Telfer Oil Company

Cal Recycle
Nate Gauff – Cal Recyle Program

New Products and Technologies
Hans Ho – Telfer Oil Company

Materials Testing