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Cold in Place Recycling
An Dang, P.E., Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

California Statewide Needs Assessment 2016 Update
Howard Dashiell, Director – Mendocino County DOT

Preserve Your Roadway Network
Jason M. Dietz, Pavement & Materials Engineer, FHWA Resource Center – Lakewood, CO

Technical Changes to Section 37
Sri Balasubramanian, Caltrans Office of Asphalt Pavements
Scott Dmytrow, Telfer Pavement Technologies

Seal Coat P2S2 & E
(Plans, Packaging, Strategy Selection, Specifications and Estimates)

Erik Updyke, P.E., Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Construction Division

Pavement Preservation Certification
Larry Galehouse, P.E., Director National Center for Pavement Preservation

Microsurfacing Cibao International Airport
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Gary Houston, Vice-President VSS Emultech

CalRecycle Pavement Preservation Grant Program
Nate Gauff, Waste Management Engineer

California Statewide Local Streets & Roads Needs Assessment 2016 Update
Charles D. Herbertson, P.E., L.S.
Public Works Director/City Engineer, City of Culver City

City of Santa Clara Pavement Preservation Program
Francisco J. Lujan, Asst. Engineer, City of Santa Clara

Ground Tire Rubber Incorporated Into Slurry Seals
Scott Metcalf, Vice-President Pavement Preservation & Specialty Products, Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions

Thin Asphalt Overlays for Pavement Preservation
Brandon Milar, P.E., Technical Director – California Asphalt Pavement Association

National Pavement Preservation Perspective
Jim Mouthrop, Executive Director – FP2 Inc.

Chip Seal Best Practices – Hot Applied & Emulsion Chip Seals
Mark Bertsch – APS
Doug Olsen – Western Emulsions

Preparation For Surface Treatments
Roger D. Smith, California Pavement Preservation Center (CP2C), Chico State University

National Association of County Engineers
Brian Stacy, P.E., NACE President
County Engineer, Pierce County Public Works

California’s Pavement Condition
Tony Tavares, P.E., Chief, Division of Maintenance Caltrans

The Eco-Efficiency of Chip Seals
Bruce Uhlman, LCACP, Manager Applied Sustainability, BASF Corp.