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Recent Studies by the California Pavement Preservation Center
DingXin Cheng, Ph.D., P.E. – Director of the CP2Center Professor of California State University, Chico

The Eco-Efficiency of Cape Seals
Arlis Kadrmas (Technical Specialist)

Engineers Estimate

Latest AASHTO Developments in Specifications for Preservation Treatments
R. Gary Hicks, PhD, P.E., CP2 Center, CSU Chico

Innovation, Modified Pavement Preservation Systems
Ryan Proctor, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions

Preservation and Multi-lift Treatments
Scott Dmytrow, Telfer Technologies

Technical Services Program (TSP2)
John Coplantz, P.E., Chair – RMWPPP

City of Oakland Citywide Preventative Maintenance and Resurfacing
Telfer Pavement Technologies

Pavement Preservation and SB-1 Funding A Local Agency Perspective
Edric Kwan, P.E.Public Works Director Town of Moraga

History of Pavement Preservation in California
Gary Houston VP, VSS Emultech

Innovating Mobility
Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

WRAPP Overview
Sallie Houston, 2017 WRAPP President

Sampling and Testing Chip & Slurry Seal Aggregates
Porfirio Ramirez and Greg Wilkinson, Graniterock

SB 1 / Prop 69:2017 State Transportation Funding Deal
Kiana Valentine, California State Association of Counties

Asphalt Emulsion Testing
Bob Staugaard, Asphalt Pavement & Recycling Technologies, Inc.

Emulsion 101 & Polymers
Barry Baughman, Technical Director, ULTRAPAVE Corp.

Joint Training and Certification Program
Dr. Shadi Saadeh, Program Administrator

Education & the Future of Pavement Preservation Round Table
(PES) Program University of Nevada, Reno

Education and the Future of Pavement Preservation Round Table:UC Davis Perspective
David Jones, University of California Pavement Research Center, UC Davis