The WRAPP Award of Excellence was created by concerned contractors in the chip seal business to highlight and recognize those pavement preservation projects and contractors that exemplify quality, safety and customer satisfaction.  The awarded projects and the recipients of the award will be highlighted at the Annual Work Shop. The Award of Excellence Committee would ask that each voting member interested in having their premier project of the year recognized in one of the following categories, Chip Seal, Cape Seal, Slurry or Micro, Innovative process, submit all of the required information noted below.

It behooves us as members to only present our one best project for the year and be certain that it is above and beyond the norm.


Email to jimmy Kendrick: 

or Mail to: WRAPP, PO Box 5655, Bakersfield, CA 93388

Submittals not containing all required information or forwarded after the cutoff date will not be considered

EligibilityThe following eligibility requirements must be documented in a letter of recommendation from, and signed by the Contracting Agency in order for the project to be considered.

  • Project must be of high quality and go beyond the norm we as members of the association expect in our work.
  • Job completed in the calendar year.
  • Only one project per company.
  • Project must be completed on time and within budget as allowed by the final contract documents, approved change orders included.
  • Project must have an exemplary safety record.


WRAPP voting member Companies in good standing are eligible to nominate one project.

Submittal by Contractor for Nomination must have the following:

  • Letter of Recommendation from Project Agency
  • Name of the contracting agency/customer.
  • Name of the contractor.
  • Name of the project.
  • Location of roadway(s) including mile markers if available.
  • Key personnel on the project for contracting agency/customer & contractor.
  • History of the roadway.
  • Written description of roadway before application and pictures.
  • Goal of the surface treatment used.
  • Application of surface treatment including quantities and application rates.
  • Materials used including suppliers.
  • Subcontractors used in application process (i.e. Striping, crack sealing.)
  • Special/Unique considerations (i.e. Traffic, staging, subcontractor coordination, etc.)
  • 4 or 5 photo slides in Power Point format to be used at the Pavement Preservation Workshop/Conference.

Nominations must be emailed or postmarked by the Dec 15th Deadline so that they can be distributed to the members of the Awards Committee

Annual Award of Excellence Award includes:

Special presentation at the annual Work Shop/Conference recognizing the project, contractor, suppliers and Agency involved.

WRAPP Plaque honoring the Contractor/Agency, with project description/project details